some work of art seems to be important. trying to produce something important can be paralyzing. and still, i want to produce important works of art: social, communicative, triggering and challenging.

i am interested in developing my sense of ethics through the practice of my work, always in relation and dialogue with other people. i want my work to have a political significance, i want to be an actor in changing the world. i look at the ethics behind every encounter between people and people and things.

my work focuses on the creative process. for each project i explore new choreographic methodologies without constraining myself to previous "findings" or solutions. i investigate the possibilities of sharing my ideas without blocking the space for exchange. i want us to be able to dialogue.

i want to be able not to take art too seriously. i try to laugh at myself, as much as possible. i try to work with no inhibitions or fears, but still making decisions and taking responsibility for my work.

i started trying to live with a greater degree of uncertainty, accepting the complexity of communication and perception processes. i try to not abstract ideas from their environments and i try to think that they need to be grasped in more ways than only rationally.

some time ago i took the name of Sturgeon's novel for my dance and theatre projects. an ongoing identity on top of the multiple projects i choreograph and direct. though the way i see my work in 2013 is different from what it was 8 years ago, this identity is still marked by the same ideas: transformation, non-conformism, curiosity, self-challenge, ambition, desire... these lively forces, this sense of ethics, that keeps me producing art.

i often think with affection about the novel's Fabulous Idiot. i like to see my work like that, a something trying to understand itself in a search that goes beyond itself, in love with interdependence and communion, being incomplete without others and other somethings.

being a creature that is conformed by many beings.

just like a theatre performance.

sometime from now, when i become something else, i would like to become "a laughing thing with a human heart and a reverence for its human origins, smelling of sweat and new-turned earth rather than suffused with other pale odours..."

pablo fontdevila / bio

Tucuman, Argentina, 1982

Choreographer, dancer and designer, born in Tucumán, Argentina. Since 2005 he lives in Amsterdam where he graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). With a focus on creative processes, collaboration and working methodologies, he is interested in exploring ethical questions through bodies and minds in movement.

He presented his own dance productions "Perro con pistola", "Piece about disappearance", "la vejez de las paredes...", "half of the piece about disappearing", and others, in diferent venues in Amsterdam (NL), Berlin (DE), Buenos Aires, Tucumán and Santiago del Estero (AR), Tokyo (JP) and Mexico City (MX).

As a dancer and performer he participated, among others, in projects by Diego Gil & Igor Dobricic ("The Half"), David Weber-Krebs & Alexander Schellow ("Een voorspel", "Miniature"), Nora Heilmann ("Fieldings"), Steve Paxton ("Ave Nue Revisited" – AHK AIR Amsterdam), Katerina Bakatsaki ("Something here that is not there"), Alfredo Arias ("Kavafis, los 3 círculos del exilio"), Diana Theocharidis ("Beethoven 133").

He has a profound interest in the exchange of educational contexts and teaches regularly dance training and techinque (DangerousMouses, developed together with Maria Mavridou), movement research, yoga and physical conditioning.

He regularly works as a lighting designer for dance and theater performances, concerts and opera. His designs have been premiered and toured in multiple cities in Argentina, Mexico, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, UK, Norway and Belgium. He lectured on "Communication in lighting and dance" and taught as assistant to teacher Arq. Eli Sirlin at IUNA's Bachelor in Lighting Design (Buenos Aires). He authored the project for exterior decorative lighting to two national monuments and two City Government offices in the City of Pigue, Argentina.

In 2009 he graduated from the reknowned School for New Dance Development (SNDO; bachelor degree) of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK). He received the prestigious Huygens Scholarship granted by the Dutch Ministry of Eduaction, Culture and Science, and has received grants to support his work from the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Fabrik Potsdam (DE), AHK Fonds Practicum Generale (NL) and Instituto ProDanza (AR).